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Electric Vehicles - Bikes, Scooters, Motorcycles and Cars In India is the happening place for people manufacturing, researching and looking to buy electric vehicles and bikes in India. An electric vehicle (EV), also known as a battery operated vehicle (BOV) or electric bike comes in different configurations: 2-wheeler electric bicycles, electric mopeds, electric scooters, electric motorcycles, electric three wheelers and electric cars.

Directory of Indian Electric Battery Bike Products

This is the first comprehensive directory specializing in the electric bikes and battery operated vehicles available in India.
EVFuture is not affiliated with any manufacturer but instead provides an area where dealers, manufacturers and buyers can interact and inform themselves of the market situation in India. 
Read our articles on maximizing battery life and choosing and electric vehicle if you are new to electric vehicles.

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EV Future morphed into Aurovelo Cycle and Coffee Shop

EVFuture has morphed into Aurovelo Cycle and Coffee Shop and no longer sells or services electric vehicles.
We will try to keep the webpage updated with information about EVs available on the market in India, dealers, distributors, service mechanics

For local service in Pondicherry area call Anand on +919443349444 e-mail

Aurovelo Cycle and Coffee Shop sells and services all brands of imported cycles: mountainbikes, roadbikes, city bikes, ladies cycles
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Posted Feb 21, 2016 | There are 4 comments.

update EV scooter/mopeds available 2016

The only EV scooter/mopeds available on the market are the Hero Electric range,, with dealers/distributors functioning in main cities, and maybe Ampere,, but better contact them directly in Coimbatore

Other players (TVS, BSA, Greenz etc) have discontinued, so please don't spend time browsing them.
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Posted Feb 21, 2016 | There are 2 comments.

EBike Design For Sale

After 4 years of development of our robust e-bike designed for Indian road conditions, we are ready to put up the design for sale.  We would like to deal only with serious bidders who understand the requirement for such an e-bike and who are interested to take it to mass production.  If you are interested, please contact us at wattmonsolar [at]

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Posted Feb 03, 2014 | There are 5 comments.

Wattmon - Solar Energy Monitoring

Cynergy Software has developed a Solar DC energy monitoring and control platform called Wattmon.

Wattmon is a standalone energy monitoring and control device that tracks your battery bank and gives you detailed graphs of energy generated and consumed over your local network or the Internet.  This is a must have tool for everyone depending on solar or renewables for their energy.

People who have installed this device understand better their battery bank and the power that they use.  It's easy to install, hassle free and it performs well in the field of monitoring and controlling DC energy.

For more information, check out
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Posted Jul 14, 2013 | There are 0 comments.

Next is what after REVA?

News is out that GM is looking to introduce a concept electric car in India,one that has been doing well in China. This is great news to be carried away by but it raises a few questions as well. While the concept car looks futuristic and designed for intra-city short commutes how will it fare in the absence of a supporting ecosystem in India?. Costs of ownership will also dictate market demand as much as post sales service and spares. All these critical factors nearly put the daylights (or should we say volts!) out of India's only creditable EV4W (electric four wheeler) that did its rounds across the country for almost a decade. Energy friendly as it may have been it was not a 'car for the masses' with its huge price tag and high costs of ownership. This is the waiting market scenario that GM will be entering. Surely it is going to take more than brand power to ignite and sustain interest in their electric cars proposed for launch (time uncertain) in India. However,with the electric tide slowly gaining momentum worldwide and in Asia too (with the sad exception of India) it is equally likely that this new entrant can bring about a reversal both in public attitudes to electric vehicles and market fortunes.This is what we at EVfuture hope for..Read more

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Posted Apr 09, 2013 | There are 0 comments.

Action on the fringes!

While everyone is looking out for developments in the automobile and personal transportation sectors,the real action seems to be taking place on the sidelines away from public gaze. There is a silent but steadily evolving revolution happening in the small worlds of specialised commercial vehicles that are becoming rapidly and successfully electric. These include golf carts, garbage trucks and forklifts. Personal mobility devices for the aged and the infirm are also going electric in a very big way with significant market potential. Airline companies and the military are also developing,testing and releasing a multitude of applications that will become the new electric standards of their genre tomorrow. Read More
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Posted Mar 17, 2013 | There are 0 comments.

Where have the bicycles gone?

India along with China account for more than half of bicycles made worldwide . While China still has an active bicycling culture, it is not as robust here in India. Upward social mobility, poor roads countrywide and traffic congestion are the chief reasons for the decline of the bicycle,which remained the most used form of personal transportation a full decade and more after independence. However, there is a revival in the form of fitness cycling even though Indian roads are not congenial to cycling as a hobby or for fitness, much less commuting.
Indian bicycle makers are seeking to take advantage of this growing niche and preparing a slew of products from their stables that include high end electric and sports bicycles. They are also considering affordable electric cycles for the masses. Is the wheel coming full circle?. Read more >
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Posted Feb 28, 2013 | There are 0 comments.

Sputtering out?

Given the momentum and hopes of the past five years the LEV market in India was looking like it was on an upswing. But the truth is otherwise. The LEV (Light Electric Vehicles comprising scooters,bikes and cycles) industry and market in India is critically slowing down due to a host of factors. Innovation and adaptation hold the keys to a revival along with supportive government policies and statutes. Or else India could miss the electric revolution when it comes and will have to spend valuable time and money in playing catch up with the rest of the world.

We at EvFuture bring you an overview of the current LEV industry and market in India. Read More>
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Posted Feb 02, 2013 | There are 0 comments.

A matter of political will!

While the market is indeed a great leveler serving to extend the reach of products and services exponentially, it is not always a great incubator of new and infant technologies,particularly when immediate pay-offs are not visible. This is where governmental support becomes crucial for the maturing of sunrise technologies. The governments of China and Denmark are setting milestones in their commitment to electric vehicle technologies through supporting R&D and incorporating them into their cities' transportation fleets. These governments see themselves as becoming part of a new breed of green cities with zero emissions as their final goal. Read More about the rise of these zero emission nations on our blog.

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Posted Dec 10, 2012 | There are 0 comments.

The missing piece_at last!

A critical element in the EV mix responsible for slowing the popularity and mass acceptance of electric cars is now at last being addressed. Charging station networks (the equivalent of fuel stations) are being installed even if only on a small and trial basis. In a leap of faith and imagination (and prescient marketing wisdom) Tesla Motors are erecting superchargers at strategic points beginning with the state of California to include other regions over time.
The horse has now arrived to serve fully the interests of the cart finally. This pioneering effort can be the precursor of a charging station ecosystem for electric vehicles serving as a model to emulate, improve upon and establish as a prerequisite to sparking off the ev revolution waiting in the wings. Read More
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Posted Nov 21, 2012 | There are 1 comments.

Choosing clean will get easier

In the tug of war between the current and the future, the transition will witness numerous interventions that pave the way towards cleaner vehicles. The US Government has passed a mandatory law that will come into effect from the 2013 model year. It enjoins upon every American automaker to depict, through a window sticker, information about a vehicle's emissions capacity as much as its energy efficiency. Read More

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Posted Jul 23, 2012 | There are 0 comments.

EV Revolution In India: Second Wave

With ever increasing petrol prices people are starting to seriously consider alternative means of transport from public transportation to privately owned electric vehicles.
In the first wave of EV enthusiasm, over forty companies entered the flurry with cheap products of dubious quality and managed to turn people away from this new means of transportation by offering poor support, shutting shop and disappearing overnight, and by just offering plain and simple junk. Now after five years it would seem that the market is ready to look at it again.  Let us hope that we have all learned from our mistakes on all sides and that this time around it will really take off!

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Posted May 25, 2012 | There are 1 comments.

Shades of green!

Electric Vehicles and the technologies that drive them are no doubt poised to become the next big revolution in transportation. But many components and the materials that are used in their production do not meet green benchmarks. Batteries in particular have and continue to pose major environmental problems both during their manufacturing process and the end of their life cycles. But advances are underway that can change all this making EVs cleaner and greener than they are now.  Read More.

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Posted May 24, 2012 | There are 0 comments.

Nissan Invests $4 Billion on Electric

Nissan's executive vice president for product planning, Andy Palmer, gave the $4 billion figure as an example of his company's all-in dedication to producing electric cars.
It's not a "bet your company" gamble, but it is a major commitment on a scale not seen from any other automaker. Nissan launched it's Leaf in 2010 and sales have been good but it seems to still be losing money on each Leaf sold.  However, the company has high hopes that it will lead the ev revolution by bringing an affordable EV to the masses.  

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Posted May 13, 2012 | There are 0 comments.

EVFuture Online Shop Launched

EVFuture has launched an online shop with electric bicycle kits and accessories.  You can pay online through any debit/credit card and choose delivery options.  To open the shop, go to
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Posted May 10, 2012 | There are 0 comments.

pedaling for clean mobility : a cause and a journey!

EVFuture received a rare visitor in the first week of the new year. Janice Valdez had set out from Vancouver in November 2011 on a historic ride through south India and,later, on to the Philippines on an electric cycle. She is a co-founder of the Humanergy Coop (HUM), a fraternity devoted to popularising clean and sustainable transportation,particularly cycles combining human and electric power. This was the agenda of her electric cycle journey through the three southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu,which was as adventurous as it was educative and inspiring. Read More
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Posted Feb 20, 2012 | There are 0 comments.

Beijing Introduces Public Charging Stations

China's largest electric vehicle (EV) charging and battery swapping station has been put into operation in Beijing, sources with the city's power supply authorities said Sunday.

Gaoantun charging station, located in the eastern Beijing district of Chaoyang, has been installed with more than 10 types of EV charging or battery swapping machines, covering all charging modes that are available in China.

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Posted Jan 31, 2012 | There are 0 comments.

Public charging stations_a reality at last

In our past features and posts we have touched upon two factors that were slowing the EV movement in our opinion: more efficient and affordable storage technologies (batteries) and the absence of a public charging infrastructure.

The video news item below ( see link)  is an optimistic one and shows that things are beginning to move after all in the right direction. First it was the Japanese who had the vision to see the vital connection between mass EV acceptance and public charging facilities. Now GE have started creating what could be America's first public EV charging network to cater to a growing number of electric and hybrid car users.                                                

Electric car owners are doing some math themselves and feel that at 4$ per charge the economics will always be in favor of electric power despite gasoline prices coming down a little in the past weeks across the United States. Somehow it is beginning to sink in that electricity is both cheaper and cleaner.                                           

We could  be witnessing the early days of sustainable motoring finally!

For a clearer picture of this significant development view this

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Posted Dec 08, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Zero Motorcycle, 114 Mile Range

A California electric motorcycle manufacturer will start selling motorcycles that are capable of a range of over 100 miles thanks to a new power pack that should outlast the bike itself, plus newly adopted energy capture technology. The new Z-Force power pack has 95 per cent more energy density than previous models, enabling the company’s 9kWh Zero S model to travel 114 miles before needing a recharge – albeit at a maximum speed of 88 mph that will get you little cred from the local two-wheeled community. The engines also now come with brushless motors and regenerative braking systems to recapture some of the power used when slamming on the anchors. The company claims the power pack will drop only 20 per cent of its capacity after 3,000 charges, which will provide an estimated range of over 300,000 miles – close to the expected lifetime of the bike and/or the rider. The company has five sit-up-and-beg designs for the eco-minded, including the Zero S and DS sports models, an XU model for city driving (basically smaller and lighter, with a 42-mile range), and two electric dirt bikes, the X and MX. They will all go on sale, from between $7,000 to $13,000, in February.
External Link To Website
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Posted Nov 16, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

The Ryno Electric Unicycle

If you love turning heads when you take a ride around town, then the Ryno electric unicycle is probably for you. Designer Chris Hoffmann had his eyes set on the Segway crowd when he started work on the Ryno, and he has come up with quite the interesting looking one-wheeled auto. The cost for a pre-production Ryno is a whopping $25,000 and Hoffmann already has five orders, but he expects the market model to cost about $3,500. The production model will have a top speed of 25 mph, a range of up to 30 miles and an impressive 25-inch thick tire.
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Posted Nov 16, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Gordon Murray's 350MPG EV

Gordon Murray, designer of the truly insane McLaren F1, swept the board at the RAC Future Car Challenge  -- but for something much more sensible. It's the 1,500lbs T.27 EV, the little wonder in the picture above, which just carried two people the 57.13 miles from Brighton to London on just 64p ($1.20) of electricity. Compared to a petrol car that would be the equivalent of getting 350MPG. It's believed the T.27 can easily make 100 miles on a single four-hour charge and scooped eleven awards on the day, including most efficient and best EV. Murray is still waiting on a manufacturer to sign on to produce the things, but thanks to his super efficient iStream process, they could pop up for sale soon after -- which can only be good news for anyone who wants a commuting vehicle with something of a racing pedigree.

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Posted Nov 16, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

World’s first manned flight with an electric multicopter

At the end of October 2011, Thomas Senkel of e-volo had completed a series of unmanned tests and was ready for the first manned flight on an airstrip in the southwest of Germany. The flight lasted one minute and 30 seconds, after which the constructor and test pilot stated:

"The flight characteristics are good natured. Without any steering input it would just hover there on the spot".

This could be the future of flight, piloting a device as simple as a car.


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Posted Nov 13, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Electric bikes in food delivery

A leading Italian pizzeria (Tanto) in Auroville (near Pondicherry) comissioned EVFuture to build its first electric bike for pizza home delivery this summer. The 'Tanto E-Bike' as it is called is a popular sight 0n the roads of Auroville silently going about its business of delivering delectable firewood Italian pizzas. This vehicle is based on our reputed EVFuture electric bike design known for its ruggedness,comfort and reliability. Its versatility makes It adaptable to carrying pizzas as much as it does people.
The Tanto E-Bike is a reminder of the potential that electric bikes hold for a large range of small-medium business - from pizzerias to couriers - mushrooming in India today. It is a symbol of a new era in transportation - silent, safe,quick and non polluting. Read More
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Posted Oct 28, 2011 | There are 1 comments.

The Age of Blue cars!

Car pooling is not a new idea or practice. It has been in vogue for many years and has faithful adherents and practitioners in America and Europe.

However, 'Autolib' is a first of its kind. It is a scheme that rents super mini electric cars to the residents of Paris on a membership basis with a rent plan that is as novel as the program itself. Its promoters - a French billionaire whose business interests include clean technologies and  a visionary mayor of  the city of Paris - decided that Autolib was a way to reduce pollution in cities while slowly encouraging the adoption of new and cleaner forms of mobility.

'Autolib' is a car sharing initiative worth watching. It has the potential to usher in a new blue automotive age. Read more
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Posted Oct 18, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

2011 World Solar Challenge

The first solar racing car and its support fleet will depart Darwin to traverse the 3000+ km to Adelaide through the Australian outback. It will be followed at two-minute intervals by 36 other racing teams, from twenty countries from all over the world.  With the top cars and teams being very, very close to each other, it's sure to be a very exciting race. The fastest teams are expected to reach the official finish line just outside Adelaide late Wednesday or early Thursday (local time), after which the teams will continue on for the traditional dive in the fountain at Victoria Square in Adelaide.
Follow the race here
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Posted Oct 18, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Training a future generation of electric car engineers

Where will we find our future engineers and builders of electric cars and transportation systems?                     

Despite the slow rise and acceptance of electric vehicles and all the pointers to its eventual replacement of gasoline powered ones, there is no long term preparation of intellectual resources to meet this new paradigm in transportation and mobility. There is concern over this in many quarters. Eco car 2 is a competition based model (partnering industry and the government) in America,which apart from challenging a cluster of US universities with some hard core goals, is also hoping to stimulate and goad technical institutions worldwide to start to prepare full fledged courses and curricula in the design and development of electric vehicles for an electric generation rapidly coming of age.

This should be of prime concern for a country like India (and China) where electric vehicles can play a big role in reducing smoke and sound pollution. It also holds the potential to offer cheaper and better modes of intra city transit for its millions. Read More HERE

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Posted Sep 22, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Increased Petrol Prices has it's highest traffic ever due to the recent increase in petrol prices again.  Please bear with us as the server is performing a little slower and we need a bit more time to process all your queries and orders for kits.
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Posted Sep 17, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Home made Solar charging Station!

installed its second solar charging station in a famed eco park - The Adyar Poonga - in the southern metropolis of Chennai in June this year. The charging station is All Solar and was developed from a prototypic idea that we have been exploring since 2008. Its simplicity lends itself to quick assembly,transportation and installation in remote areas.The design itself is basic  enough for anyone to comprehend and build using off-the- shelf  electronic components.

We had our Eyes set on a not-too-distant future when such off-grid charging points could service small fleets of light electric vehicles all over rural India.

Read more

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Posted Sep 12, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Looking for electric kits?


Contact us at evfuture if you need electric bicycle conversion kits. We have a range of hub and brush-less motors with accessories to help you fashion a high quality electric cycle for practicals, projects or just plain fun. We ship anywhere in India and offer free installation tips and troubleshooting on-line or via phone.


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Posted Aug 02, 2011 | There are 2 comments.

Supersonic: The car for 2021

The architecture and design of SUPERSONIC is very radical and original comparing any car of today and many other concept cars. Two people could be carried, they sit in tandem (in-line, one behind the other) like in a cockpit of super aircraft. The aerodynamics are superb. The main inspiration is found on high-speed airplanes well known as Supersonic flying aircrafts.
The values of the aerodynamic and fluent styling are now dramatically emphasized. The extremely large Xenon head-lights are additionally equipped with blue LEDs, which suggest the very attractive and eye-catchy exterior.

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Posted May 27, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

EV Horizons getting closer

The upcoming Electric Vehicle Land,Sea and Air awards 2011 event to be held in Germany next month provides a platform to exhibit and study the latest advances in EV technologies - from radical vehicle designs and new materials to advanced battery and charging technologies. What is shown here is what is likely to become industry standards in the rapidly evolving EV sectors and markets of the world.

Read More

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Posted May 27, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Bicycles back on Track

India is experiencing a bicycle resurgence. Surprisingly it is happening through the medium of sports. Offbeat and sporadic bicycle racing events are now coalescing into 'cyclothons' that are well organised and attended in major Indian cities. We bring you a low down of the Mumbai Cyclothon held last April that featured a professional four member team from Auroville.

Read More

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Posted May 20, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

China: The EV Revolution Already Happened!

India's electric vehicle sales have slumped from about 240 thousand per annum in 2008 to less than 80,000 in 2010. When talking to people in India, the first word that comes out of their mouth when asked to describe electric vehicles is 'failure'. This is very unfortunate and probably true in many cases. The EV Revolution started off in 2007 in India with many smaller companies trying to make a quick buck by importing and selling a container of cheap electric scooters from China. However, most of these companies were traders and had no real knowledge of the actual requirements when dealing with India's unique road conditions. This lead to a huge amount of vehicles that failed in the first months, muddying the reputation of the electric vehicle as a viable means of transportation.

Read More

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Posted May 18, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

On EV Charging Points

EV Technologies are galloping faster than EV infrastructure.They have to move in tandem if the EV revolution is to happen sooner than later.However, some countries are giving EV infrastructure development the importance it deserves hoping,thereby, to add speed to the EV cause in general.

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Posted Apr 27, 2011 | There are 2 comments.

Electric Motorcycle: ErockIT

The ErockIT is more a motorcycle than a bike, and indeed, it might be one of today's quickest forms of inner city transport. The whole thing weighs just 110 kilograms and with over 45lb/ft of torque and 13bhp, it can top 50mph. The range can be extended by pedaling along, though your strokes don't actually ever make it to the wheels in a conventional way. Instead, your legs turn a small generator which adds a bit of juice to the battery. The company has plans for a limited model release starting next year. ErockIT says it is using a nano-phosphate lithium battery in its present design, which it expects to last for 10 years or 50,000 kilometers of use. Depending on driving or pedaling style, a charge should last for 60 to 80 kilometers, and cost the German consumer about 60 Euro cents, or just under U.S.$1. The ErockIT weighs about 100 kilos (225 pounds) so you won't be able to carry it up the apartment steps, that's for sure.

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Posted Apr 11, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Building electric bikes as a Hobby

Building electric bikes as a Hobby : Read about the enthusiasm that e bike assembling or retrofitting can generate in youth who are mechanically inclined on
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Posted Apr 05, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Tapei Cycle Show 2011

The Taipei Cycle show is a premium event for the bicycle industry and enthusiasts. Organised by TAITRA (The Taiwan External Trade Development Council) it is an event that began in 1970 and attracts a few thousand visitors from all over the world every year to see the latest bicycles and accessories designed and produced by the Taiwan cycle industry. Taipei Cycle 2011 had about 5000 visitors thronging to more than 3000 booths showcasing complete bicycles, frames, parts and accessories.     A recent addition to the Taipei cycle shows is the LEV (Light electric vehicle) section featuring electric cycles,scooters and motorbikes to highlight this emerging segment.
Read the article on
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Posted Mar 26, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Riding The Rough Indian Road

The EVFuture team conducted an interview with the head of R&D and Quality of BSA Motors, KB Srinivasan. His ruminations on the light EV sector in India is filled with historical anecdotes and incisive analysis of the industry, government and market. It shows the road ahead for electric scooters and electric cycles in India. The first and second part of this interview is availabe on - Click here to read it.
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Posted Mar 21, 2011 | There are 2 comments.

Storage Technologies need to catch up with the rest of the EV train

It is widely acknowledged now that storage technology is lagging behind other critical EV technologies. And this has to change if the promised EV revolution is to take place as we anticipate and desire. While research expenditure on battery technologies is on the rise, it is still small when compared to other critical automobile and mobility related R&D spending.

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Posted Feb 27, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Delivery Fleets Love Electric Trucks

Even as auto manufacturers seek to convince car buyers of the virtues of electric vehicles, one key group needs little persuasion: delivery fleet managers. While commuters and vacationers may fret about so-called range anxiety—the fear of not making it to a charging station before the car's battery needs topping up—drivers of commercial delivery vehicles tend to follow the same route each day, so they have a pretty good idea how much power they'll need. And since trucks typically return to the garage every night, there's little worry about finding a charger. Electrics "are quiet, don't pollute, and vibrate less than diesels," says Mike O'Connell, director of fleet capability for Frito-Lay North America. "Our sales reps are fighting over who gets the next one."
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Posted Feb 10, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

2011: Year of the Hybrid?

Life always has the tendency to come full circle at some point.The personal automobile mass revolution kickstarted in the early part of the last century was made possible largely due to the availability of cheap auto fuels – petrol and diesel. The problem was that it was assumed that this situation would prevail forever.It was not until the 60s that it became clear to all ( apart from the specialists who had always known this) that oil ( from fossil fuels) was a finite resource and would dry out at some point, and what then? True as this was it was not easy to imagine a world (  or cars) without oil and we just kept going, out of apathy as much as for not having any alternatives to turn to. There was another problem with oil apart from its decreasing availability and continually rising prices. Oil ( rightly or wrongly) was the main actor in the climate change drama, being directly responsible for much of the pollution that caused it.

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Posted Feb 09, 2011 | There are 0 comments. Launched!

The EVFuture team has launched it's new website which will be oriented towards interesting news, reviews, blogs and interviews about Electric Vehicles and electric vehicle technology.  Regular articles will be posted and a new user friendly forum will let us all discuss interesting topics more easily.  Please check it out, sign up and start posting!
Go To
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Posted Feb 05, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Kenguru Car Aims at Improving Mobility

Kenguru UK in England is about to market a more environmentally-friendly alternative to a converted van for those who use a wheelchair. The B-4220/VZ Kenguru r Car was designed by Rehab Ltd. in Hungary, which has been offering aids for the handicapped since 1915.
Invalid cars, as they are often called, are quite popular in Europe, especially in Eastern European countries. Already available in Hungary for $12,500 and free to qualified users as part of Hungary's healthcare program, the Kenguru will be sold in the UK this summer and later in the U.S.
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Posted Feb 04, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Engineering colleges and technical institutions jumping on the ev wagon!

What was until recently just a curiosity and hobby platform in the electrical engineering and electronics departments in various technical institutions is now getting mainstream attention. The recent fuel price rise across Indian states ( the third in the span of just a few months with more slated for 2011) was fuel for thought indeed. It has served as that much needed catalyst to bring the ev debate centerstage. Apart from the media and industry, institutions of technology are gearing up to both meet this new challenge as well as cash in on an emerging technological trend in mobility.
Read Full Article
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Posted Jan 29, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

The Future of Urban Transportation? YikeBike

Urban transportation has just gotten a whole lot cooler! The new YikeBike seems to solve many of the problems faced by today's commuters in a novel way. Let's see when this baby comes to India!

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Posted Jan 25, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

Electro Vehicles Europe (EVE) : Retrofitting cars, buses and boats!

EVE is a company based in Bergamo, Italy, offering state-of-the-art conversion services for cars and four wheelers in Europe. Its famed electric converted De Lorean and Smart were newsmakers at the Milan and Bologna motor shows held towards the close of 2010. According to the company the De Lorean's historic drive from Milan to Rome, a distance of 800 Kms - all electric – is a point in favour of electric cars as being capable of making long hauls* and not just short intra city drives like most evs.

Techies Note : the nuts and bolts of this herculean but rewarding project is detailed on their web site
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Posted Jan 22, 2011 | There are 1 comments.

Concept Bicycle Charger To Charge Devices

Fandi Meng, a Chinese industrial designer has designed a concept generator called the i-Green Bicycle Charging System which can be attached to a bicycle. The i-Green harvests kinetic energy from a moving bicycle and converts it to electricity for powering small portable gadgets.
The i-Green device includes a portable wind turbine mechanism which could harvest energy from wind at the same time as harvesting kinetic energy.

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Posted Jan 14, 2011 | There are 0 comments.

MNRE Subsidy On Electric Vehicles

The ministry of new and renewable energy has decided to offer incentives to electric vehicle makers in the current and the next financial years in a bid to boost the sales of the environment-friendly vehicles.
The ministry will pay up to 20% of the ex-factory price of these vehicles, which the manufacturers are expected to pass on to buyers, said the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), a lobby group.
In return, the manufacturers will have to use at least 30% indigenous content in the vehicles, maintain a sizeable retail operation and after-sales service outlets.
The cap on the incentive will be `4,000 for a low speed electric two-wheeler, `5,000 for a high speed electric two-wheeler and `1 lakh for an electric car.


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Posted Nov 25, 2010 | There are 3 comments.

Prediction: three million electric vehicles by 2015

A study from IDC Energy Insights predicts that plug-in electric vehicles will be hitting the market within the year, and 540,000 will be sold globally by 2012. There will be more than 2.7 million of the vehicles on roads across the globe within five years. IDC predicts there will be 885,000 electric cars in North America and more than 780,000 in Europe by the year 2015. The report’s authors warn, however, that the electric grid won’t be ready for this surge. “Unfortunately, these vehicles will cause havoc on the distribution grid if they start appearing without any preparation by grid managers. The utilities that prepare today for this new reality will be the ones that will win in the long term.” Challenges utilities will face include “significant upgrades in distribution equipment, from the addition of separate metering apparatus to the installation of advanced transformers that can handle the increased load on a particular line. Utilities will also need to address the creation of novel rate structures that allow the utility to control how and when the vehicles are charged.”
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Posted Oct 18, 2010 | There are 1 comments.

Experts demonstrate how water based 'artificial leaf' generates electricity

A North Carolina State University team has shown that water gel-based solar devices (called: "artificial leaves") can work like solar cells to generate electricity. The conclusions prove the concept for making solar cells that more closely copy nature. They also have the possibility to be more affordable and more environmentally friendly than the existing standard silicon based solar cells.
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Posted Sep 30, 2010 | There are 0 comments.

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I want to buy this product please contact me at 9532671671
In Hercules HiVolt by Vipul singh on 17-04-2019:
I want to buy this product please contact me at 9532671671
In Hercules CMX Thunderbolt by KylePhan on 21-10-2018:
I think your site is great ... it has been really useful in putting me in touch with manufacturer of e bilk who can help my business. thank you.
In Hercules CMX Thunderbolt by KylePhan on 21-10-2018:
I think your site is great ... it has been really useful in putting me in touch with manufacturer of e bilk who can help my business. thank you.

In Hercules CMX Thunderbolt by KylePhan on 21-10-2018:
I think your site is great ... it has been really useful in putting me in touch with manufacturer of e bilk who can help my business. thank you.
In Ampere Adya by Silvia Sam on 27-09-2018:
wow, this model is so nice..
In Ampere Adya by Silvia Sam on 27-09-2018:
wow, this model is so nice..
In EbikeIndia Sea Horse 2 by Umang dave on 17-09-2018:
In Ampere Trisul by MaxieSatb on 17-08-2018:

In Ampere Trisul by paychexlogin on 09-06-2018:
In Ampere Trisul by paychex on 09-06-2018:
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In Ampere Trisul by paychex on 09-06-2018:
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In Ampere Bobo Retro by zillow on 01-06-2018:
In Ampere Bobo Retro by henrywillian on 01-06-2018:

In Ampere Bobo Retro by henrywillian on 01-06-2018:
In Hercules HiVolt by narayan on 28-03-2018:
Please give me the product details and dealer address in Karnataka
In BSA CMX Electra by Sk Babar Ali on 31-12-2017:
Where we buy this cycle. I'm interested
In EbikeIndia Sea Horse 1 by Sk Babar Ali on 14-12-2017:
Where I buy in West Bengal, plz provide details me
In Electrotherm Yo Style by anurag gautam on 12-09-2017:
Electrotherm Yo Style ANY PRICE


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