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Next is what after REVA?

Posted on 09/Apr/2013

News is out that GM is looking to introduce a concept electric car in India,one that has been doing well in China. This is great news to be carried away by but it raises a few questions as well. While the concept car looks futuristic and designed for intra-city short commutes how will it fare in the absence of a supporting ecosystem in India?. Costs of ownership will also dictate market demand as much as post sales service and spares. All these critical factors nearly put the daylights (or should we say volts!) out of India's only creditable EV4W (electric four wheeler) that did its rounds across the country for almost a decade. Energy friendly as it may have been it was not a 'car for the masses' with its huge price tag and high costs of ownership. This is the waiting market scenario that GM will be entering. Surely it is going to take more than brand power to ignite and sustain interest in their electric cars proposed for launch (time uncertain) in India. However,with the electric tide slowly gaining momentum worldwide and in Asia too (with the sad exception of India) it is equally likely that this new entrant can bring about a reversal both in public attitudes to electric vehicles and market fortunes.This is what we at EVfuture hope for..Read more

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