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Gordon Murray's 350MPG EV

Posted on 16/Nov/2011
Gordon Murray, designer of the truly insane McLaren F1, swept the board at the RAC Future Car Challenge  -- but for something much more sensible. It's the 1,500lbs T.27 EV, the little wonder in the picture above, which just carried two people the 57.13 miles from Brighton to London on just 64p ($1.20) of electricity. Compared to a petrol car that would be the equivalent of getting 350MPG. It's believed the T.27 can easily make 100 miles on a single four-hour charge and scooped eleven awards on the day, including most efficient and best EV. Murray is still waiting on a manufacturer to sign on to produce the things, but thanks to his super efficient iStream process, they could pop up for sale soon after -- which can only be good news for anyone who wants a commuting vehicle with something of a racing pedigree.

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