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Posted on 02/Aug/2011


Contact us at evfuture if you need electric bicycle conversion kits. We have a range of hub and brush-less motors with accessories to help you fashion a high quality electric cycle for practicals, projects or just plain fun. We ship anywhere in India and offer free installation tips and troubleshooting on-line or via phone.


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By muralidharancb on 06 11, 2011Dear Friend,
I am planning to come home by the end of the year for a short vacation. I would like buy a motor 1000w-48v kit to convert a scooty.( ref 220 )
Please let me know the detailed cost and availability
By Gururaj.R.Shetti on 24 10, 2011Hi,
I am mechanical Engineering student studying in 7th semester. We are doing our major project on Design of vehicle for differently abled and for that vehicle we need atleast 20ah 46volt battery, a motor working on that battery and the controllers. I want to know what will be the total cost considering the same.

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