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Public charging stations_a reality at last

Posted on 08/Dec/2011

In our past features and posts we have touched upon two factors that were slowing the EV movement in our opinion: more efficient and affordable storage technologies (batteries) and the absence of a public charging infrastructure.

The video news item below ( see link)  is an optimistic one and shows that things are beginning to move after all in the right direction. First it was the Japanese who had the vision to see the vital connection between mass EV acceptance and public charging facilities. Now GE have started creating what could be America's first public EV charging network to cater to a growing number of electric and hybrid car users.                                                

Electric car owners are doing some math themselves and feel that at 4$ per charge the economics will always be in favor of electric power despite gasoline prices coming down a little in the past weeks across the United States. Somehow it is beginning to sink in that electricity is both cheaper and cleaner.                                           

We could  be witnessing the early days of sustainable motoring finally!

For a clearer picture of this significant development view this

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