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Maximizing Battery Life

by Akash Heimlich
June 22, 2008

There are many myths about batteries and many people do not know how to treat them well which results in reduced mileage and shorter battery life.

Here are some useful facts about sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries which are found in most electric vehicles.

  • Lead-acid batteries do not have a memory effect, so you don't need to worry about charging them often

  • SLA batteries retain nearly their full charge for two months or more just sitting on the shelf, unattached to a charger.

  • SLA batteries can be severely damaged by being deeply discharged to down below 75% of their rated voltage.

  • Typical batteries have a life of 300 recharge cycles before reaching 80% of their capacity.

  • Batteries not have the same amp-hour (Ah) capacity when discharged at different rates

Everyday Tips

The following tips will make a big difference to the life of your vehicle.

Recharge Often

As and electric vehicle owner, you should charge up your vehicle as often as possible. Do not wait till it gets empty since it will decrease the life of your battery. The depth of discharge (DOD) dramatically affects your battery. Ideally you should plug in your vehicle to recharge after every drive.

Accelerate Slowly

As I mentioned above, a battery does not have the same capacity when discharged at different rates. If, for example, your batteries are 20Ah (typical to most scooters), always driving at full throttle will make them give you only 50% to 70% of their actual rating. This means that when you drive your vehicle aggressively it will effectively reduce the range since it takes more power. To increase your mileage, try to accelerate slowly rather than using full throttle. The initial acceleration of your vehicle takes excessive current from your batteries and hence regular acceleration and braking will quickly drain them.


Storage Tips

When going on a holiday, recharge your batteries fully before leaving. If you are going for longer than one month, have someone come and recharge the battery every month.

User Comments

By pramod Dande on 12 04, 2011

My vehicle is at Raichur and there id no delear there. Even in Bangalore, Im not getting the battery for my vehicle. please advise me where I will get the battery at Banglalore. I had requested yesterday also but there is no rsponse from any body either from any delear or manufacturar.

By R.Ramakrishnan on 08 08, 2010

Please make sure that the battery charger cuts off after maximimum of 6-8 hours. if charger does not cut for a significant period say 12-18 hours or more there is obviously a charger malfunction. This can lead to battery overcharging and can result in battery bulging & premature failure. Take the charger to your dealer & have the fault rectified. This is extremely important. Sankrithi BSA, BSA Motors Dealer, Coimbatore. Contact: 9789771114

By Milind Bhide on 04 06, 2010

How to confirm the Ah rating of a battery by simple tests. Any suggestions?

By Milind Bhide on 04 06, 2010

How to confirm the Ah rating of a battery by simple tests. Any suggestions?

By devilal_rathore on 08 03, 2010

e bike part suplar can not shwo, price is too much defrence ,dont purches e bike too much castly maintenes . offter 2 year .i haave no sugess for purches amy ebike .

By Indrajit Bhar on 05 02, 2010

Can you sugest where can from i can get lithium batteries for my electric scooter.

By ashwini kumar sharma on 02 09, 2009

it is a good and useful article.

By ashwini kumar sharma on 02 09, 2009

it is a good and useful article.

By Karteek on 24 07, 2009

I want to buy Eko ev-60. is there any comment on this e-scooter? I am going for educational classes which is 35Km from my house, So, Is this eko ev-60 suitable for me? If OK is there any dealers in vizag? E-Mail me to

By Karteek on 24 07, 2009

i am a terrified at the pollution and thinning of the ozone layer. But! what is the use of making electric vehicles, As 80% of the people are not interested in E-V. Aleast planting plants is not encouranging. So, My opinion is in place of city buses run electric city trains, like in kolkata and use e-vehicles. So, E-mail your opinion on my comment to

By arun kumar on 19 07, 2009

i want to delear address in hyderabad. and service points

By murali on 24 06, 2009

Useful article ,,, thanks


By Anirudh Deshhpande on 08 07, 2008

Good Article. Could you please include any information about any maintenance of the battery such as electrolyte filling? etc

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