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EV Revolution In India: Second Wave

Posted on 25/May/2012
With ever increasing petrol prices people are starting to seriously consider alternative means of transport from public transportation to privately owned electric vehicles.
In the first wave of EV enthusiasm, over forty companies entered the flurry with cheap products of dubious quality and managed to turn people away from this new means of transportation by offering poor support, shutting shop and disappearing overnight, and by just offering plain and simple junk. Now after five years it would seem that the market is ready to look at it again.  Let us hope that we have all learned from our mistakes on all sides and that this time around it will really take off!

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By Samuel Jones on 17 07, 2012India urgently need Electric Cycle with smooth pedalling, Pedal assistant, On Electric charge 30 Km running, and On 24 Volt ( 12v Solar Panel ,2 Pcs ) Solar Module 10 Km Running, So 4 way powering (1) Only Electic, (2) Electric+Pedalling,(3) Electric+Pedalling+Solar,(4) Solar+Pedalling...Should run >50 Km. Should be durable,Repairable,Parts & Service Manual are freely available E-CYCLE (solar )....Like HYBRID eCYCLE, Should pedalling with low fatigue, so we can use as normal BiCycle by low cogging-torque...(12v Solar Panel only commonly available in India)
By .Samuel Jones, CALICUT District, Kerala.

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