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Electric bikes in food delivery

Posted on 28/Oct/2011

A leading Italian pizzeria (Tanto) in Auroville (near Pondicherry) comissioned EVFuture to build its first electric bike for pizza home delivery this summer. The 'Tanto E-Bike' as it is called is a popular sight 0n the roads of Auroville silently going about its business of delivering delectable firewood Italian pizzas. This vehicle is based on our reputed EVFuture electric bike design known for its ruggedness,comfort and reliability. Its versatility makes It adaptable to carrying pizzas as much as it does people.
The Tanto E-Bike is a reminder of the potential that electric bikes hold for a large range of small-medium business - from pizzerias to couriers - mushrooming in India today. It is a symbol of a new era in transportation - silent, safe,quick and non polluting. Read More

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By Kyriakos on 04 12, 2011Can any one give me some details of commercial usage of electric vehicles and motorcycles ? thanks

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