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2011: Year of the Hybrid?

Posted on 09/Feb/2011
Life always has the tendency to come full circle at some point.The personal automobile mass revolution kickstarted in the early part of the last century was made possible largely due to the availability of cheap auto fuels – petrol and diesel. The problem was that it was assumed that this situation would prevail forever.It was not until the 60s that it became clear to all ( apart from the specialists who had always known this) that oil ( from fossil fuels) was a finite resource and would dry out at some point, and what then? True as this was it was not easy to imagine a world (  or cars) without oil and we just kept going, out of apathy as much as for not having any alternatives to turn to. There was another problem with oil apart from its decreasing availability and continually rising prices. Oil ( rightly or wrongly) was the main actor in the climate change drama, being directly responsible for much of the pollution that caused it.

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