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Kaisar FD-PTD-250ZJ

Manufactured by Kaisar
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This electric bicycle is imported or manufactured by Kaisar. This vehicle has a top speed of 20 km/h and an autonomy of approximately upto 40 Km / charge on a single charge .
No registration or license is required to drive this vehicle.
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Range/Autonomy:upto 40 Km / charge
Top Speed:20 km/h
Weight:45 Kg, 75 kg payload
Motor:DC Hub Motor, rear wheel
Batteries:Sealed Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery
Wheels:20 inch front, 22 inch rear

This product is no longer in production or we have no response from the manufacturer so no contact details are available.

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Comment posting for this product has been disabled since the product is no longer manufactured.
By aditya on 18 02, 2009i want to buy one, please send me dealers details in kanpur, mumbai and lucknow
By SAMEER MEHTA on 28 06, 2008please send me the price on my id->
By Bhakti Nefertiti on 26 06, 2008I would like to know more about this product and also its performance on up slope / hilly areas. I live in himachal so it becomes crucial for me to know whether the 'bicycle' can climb hills. An honest response would help make a correct choice.

If the performance is not so good on hills, i would want to know if there is a combination of geared bikes with a motor, battery run operation.

Eagerly looking forward for a response.

By Charlie on 15 04, 2008We are largest lead acid battery manufacturer in China, and we are interested in doing business with you.Mail:;
By Mahika Food Factory on 07 04, 2008We wish to buy in bulk .Price & features comparision chart is required with dealers details in Delhi/NCR or send executive immediately.
By aravind on 26 11, 2007iam in bangalore ,i want to buy this product ,please send the details like cost,dealer address,broacher to,thankyou


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