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Manufactured by Eko Vehicles
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This electric scooter is imported or manufactured by Eko Vehicles. This vehicle has a top speed of 40 km/hr and an autonomy of approximately 40 - 50 kms on a single charge .
This product requires registration and a license to drive.
EKO COSMIC Electric Bike is powered by a rear wheel hub motor and sealed rechargeable battery pack.
The Electric Bike has a speed of 40 km / hr and a range of 40 - 50 km / charge.
The batteries have a life of 12,000 - 15000 kms. Recharging the batteries takes about 4 - 6 hours.


Power Consumption : One Unit
Re - Charge just like a mobile
Safe speed and easy to drive
Low maintenance.
2 Seater (The vehicle is designed to carry a maximum payload of 130 kgs.)ARAI Certification was attained for this product.
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Range/Autonomy:40 - 50 kms
Top Speed:40 km/hr
Weight:130 kg payload
Charge Time:4-6 hours
Brakes:4 Meter braking distance

This product is no longer in production or we have no response from the manufacturer so no contact details are available.

User Comments

Comment posting for this product has been disabled since the product is no longer manufactured.
By e-bike,HIPOWER on 28 09, 2011HIPOWER is the electric bicycle factory in China. Looking for dealers.,HIPOWER New Energy Group Co., Ltd
By RAJIV PRASAD on 09 06, 2011I want to purchase a good quality e bike. my daily running is about 30-40km please advice me which brand of E-bike be purchased by me
By Upendra Manjibhai Varma on 14 11, 2010Three wheeler e-bikes do they have for age and disabled. Honda petrol version moped have top and side all covered from heat and rain and front with glass. Here the same can be put on three wheeler with solar panel for charging batteries. In idle conditon it can keep charge the battery.
I think here in Auckland -NZ volcanos land and road are there. Which suddnely slope and up and down and windy too. Anybody advice me pl.
By ZUBAIR HASHMI on 12 09, 2010Dear all, If you are intrested in e-bike business or wanna buy for yourself, contact me at 8055942506 good quality products & beat margin assured. best of luck.
By surajit das on 11 09, 2010byke price? West bengal showroom address? My mail id
By RANI G on 30 08, 2010want to know the details of dealer in or around kozhikode/kerala. want to know the price.
By Avishek Agarwala on 11 04, 2010i like this bike that why i want image of this bike and if you can you can show more model and sir please tell me the deler of west bengal from where i can buy your produts you can give this information in my ID
By Altaf Dawoodani on 01 04, 2009Why is the price such a secret? Where do I buy it from in Mumbai?
By tojojose on 08 12, 2008I would like to know price details of this product. kindly send me the detail on my email address.
By amitaggarwal on 26 11, 2008we are intrested for distributer in rajasthan& punjab kindly send us total detailabout ur products & rates for 50piece
By Pradeep Kumar P.R on 22 09, 2008Please give me the price and performance details of the scooter. I stay in Bangalore and would like to purchase one.
By bidhu bhusan on 07 09, 2008Can you please send me the following:
a.) Cost Details
b.) Dealers and contact numbers in bangalore
c.) Installation of the charging unit, mine is an apartment, so how would the conduits basically be extended
d.) details about charge storage, like can i use it for office travel (12+12 kms) morning and dealer in vizag,AP
By Madhu Sudhan on 25 07, 2008Please give me the dealer details in hyderabad and hwt is the cost of it
By sudharshanmurthyhk on 19 07, 2008How mach cost and dielars in bangalore
By miss on 20 06, 2008how much does it cost
By vaishno chauhan on 05 06, 2008i m intrested in buying this vehicle... can u pls mail me the requesite details at
would also like to know dealers address in /around kanpur,UP
Ph no. 09246616700
By Arun S on 04 06, 2008Pls let me know the on-road price of it in Bangalore and quality of tubes & tyres. Most imp the dealers address.
By Arjun Davanam on 04 06, 2008i want to buy a electric vehicle, i am from bangalore. contact me at 9844104514.
By ANANAT KRISHNAJI JOSHI on 02 06, 2008Pls. give the on road price & dealer network / dealer in PUNE alongwith dealer's address.I wish to test drive and decide buying .
By Saroj Snehi on 10 05, 2008plz tell me about the price and dealer of EKO at Chandigarh.
By smita on 16 03, 2008Please tell me the ealer contact numbera and address.
You can reach me at 9341160609
By Mannar Rakesh on 11 03, 2008The life of the batteries is 12000-15000kms
Than what is the cost of battery can we
get different models.
By Jaikumar Nair on 10 03, 2008I had bought an EKOCOSMIC on 23/11/2007 but within 4 months all the batteries bulged and had to be replaced. I happened to see the defective batteries. they were of China made which speaks itself of the quality, which is purely cheating the trust of the customer. the battery is the heart of the vehicle and should be of the best quality otherwise people will lose confidence about electric vehicles. Hope Ekovehicles will not betray the trust the customers lay upon the company.
By SATVIK on 02 03, 2008Pls give details of all available models, specifications, price and also dealers in Bangalore
By padma on 28 02, 2008pls tell me it's price on
By sam on 22 02, 2008pls give me price & featuresof bikes
By sam on 22 02, 2008pls give me price & featuresof bikes
By Mahesh Rokade on 02 02, 2008Is there any showroom for buying this vehicle in Nadiad/Ahmedabad? Whats the on road price?
Please send info on
By mathi on 02 02, 2008pls. give the dealer details in chennai by mail
By mathi on 02 02, 2008pls. give the dealer details in chennai
By viswanath on 29 01, 2008please mail me price and dealer details of kerala to my id
By daman on 11 01, 2008whats wrong people tatas brought car for just 120000 and s ccooties for rs 30000 no doubt ill prefer scooty but is it really worth the money they definately have to lower the price and they will earn more

when a common man wants to bye he'll think 30000 one person at ev or 30000 2 even 3 persons at petrol operated vehicle

so common india and indian companies the time has come when its not made in china but
made in india around the world.
By B Srinivas on 07 01, 2008I am very interested in this,but i donot know about this price and what essential for the riding of this vecicle
By P S S Ram Kumar on 07 01, 2008Please give the road price and Dealers in East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh
By Sachin Ghalsasi on 07 12, 2007Hello,

I am interested in ev scooter type please send me correspondence address alongwith price list so that i can decide and proceed. contact me on
By Rashikala on 25 11, 2007Why cant u have dealers at Tamil Nadu
By Madhuri on 13 11, 2007How many charges does the battery last. What is the price of a new battery.
By sangeetha on 11 11, 2007you should have to still develop this product in speed & payload.
and also make racing bikes.
By kushal on 11 11, 2007what about the price
By luck on 11 11, 2007hi plaese send me dealers info in karnatka at
By padmanabhan on 07 11, 2007When is it available in chennai, if available please let me know I would like to gift to my daughter
By Jignasoo Mehta on 27 10, 2007I am Jignasoo please contact me on mail i need the infomation regarding the dealership of ur E-scooter
By Rohinton Bhamgara on 22 10, 2007Please send me the list of various models & the dealers address in Mumbai/Pune/Surat. also the on road price. does it have to be insured ? and registered ?who are the manufacturers and where is the plant?
By Rohinton Bhamgara on 22 10, 2007Please send me the list of various models & the dealers address in Mumbai/Pune/Surat. also the on road price. does it have to be insured ? and registered ?who are the manufacturers and where is the plant?
By on 20 10, 2007Pl send me detailed information at for Kolkata
By kaushal fadia on 19 10, 2007i m interested for dealership in your products. we are traders in car spares for last 50 yrs. pls gv me details. my ,
By ranjan kumar on 13 10, 2007pl. let me know the price of this model and dealer in Mumbai. mail -
By Sanjay Patel on 13 10, 2007I want to buy this scooter from Gujarat , kindly give me showroom details asap and some total Priece of this model at as soon as possible Thanks
By Azad on 05 10, 2007i want to take the dealer ship and Transpotation of e bike.mail me at
By Vinod Silvant on 27 09, 2007I want to buy this scooter from chandigarh, kindly give me showroom details asap at
By akash on 02 09, 2007what is the rate on road of it,in delhi
please mail to
By EVFuture Support on 19 08, 2007Please contact EKO Vehicles directly at the following addresses for more information:

Information :

Customer Support :

Enquiry :

Business Enquiry :

For Information on Electric Vehicles
and Electric Vehicle Technology :
By sandhyasuresh on 19 08, 2007i want to take the dealer ship of e bike.mail me at
By sandhya rani on 19 08, 2007
By Varun on 17 08, 2007Kindly give us the dealer network in Ambala & Yamunanagar districts of Haryana along with their other models and prices on my email
By Parveen Kumar on 17 08, 2007Pls send a details of Showroom list in Delhi NCR

Parveen Kumar
By Surender Mathur on 13 08, 2007plz contact me at or 9990004057 i want to purchase it as soon as possible
By Abdul on 07 08, 2007plz give the dealer details in hyderabad, andhra pradesh
By krishna veni on 30 07, 2007plz give the dealer details in hyderabad, andhra pradesh
By Gaurav Singh,Delhi,India on 05 07, 2007Pls. give the on road price & dealer network / dealer in delhi.
By surinder pal on 04 07, 2007pls. give me detail of your dealer Network in india


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