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YO Trust

Manufactured by Electrotherm
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Price: Rs. 17,499

Category: Electric Bicycle


This electric bicycle is imported or manufactured by Electrotherm. This vehicle has a top speed of < 25 Km/hr and an autonomy of approximately 75 Km on a single charge .
No registration or license is required to drive this vehicle.
When going places, you need a reliable companion. And what fits the bill better than YO Trust - a companion in every sense. YOTrust assures you a hitch-free ride. Slice through a traffic Jam or go for a long-ride, now have a companion by your side.
YO Trust - manufactured with state-of-the-art technology by Indus.

Special Features:

Intelligent Braking System (With electronic sensors)
  • Electronic Accelerator
  • Pollution Free
  • Aerodynamic Shape
  • Large Under seat Space
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Electronic Controller
  • Electronic StartLike this product? Tell everyone:
  • Specifications

    Range/Autonomy:75 Km
    Top Speed:< 25 Km/hr
    Weight:75 Kg carrying capac
    Motor:Permanent Magnet DC Motor
    Wattage:< 200 W
    Batteries:Maintenance-free VRLA Deep Discharge, 12Ah
    Voltage:36 V
    Charge Time:6 - 8 hours

    This product is no longer in production or we have no response from the manufacturer so no contact details are available.

    User Comments

    Comment posting for this product has been disabled since the product is no longer manufactured.
    By DOSS a on 03 11, 2011plz send me this vechile details and dealer name in tirunelveli sorrounding my mail
    By Mukunda Goswami on 22 10, 2011I am very interested.. is there any dealer or sub dealer in Assam?
    By e-bike,HIPOWER on 28 09, 2011HIPOWER is the electric bicycle factory in China. Looking for buyers.,HIPOWER New Energy Group Co., Ltd
    By pradeep.s on 26 09, 2011Please send me the dealer number in Ernakulam
    By Sunil A on 11 08, 2011Please send me the dealer number in bangalore
    By alimuddin on 10 03, 2011i want to purchase a bicycle please send me dealer detail in delhi.
    By avinash inamdar on 03 02, 2011please let me know about a dealer in mumbai
    By biggie on 08 10, 2010hey dude cud u get me dealers fr yo trust in b'lore
    By Ravinder Kumar Singh on 19 04, 2010Please send me the dealer details in New Delhi. Am interested in buying the product. Thanks
    By Ramachandran on 29 12, 2009Please give details on dealers in Bangalore and confirm whether pedaling can be done with out battey , how easy it will be ,will it be as easy as bicycle
    By Karteek on 25 07, 2009fantastic!!!!!!!!! I am very much satisfied to Yo trust. Pease tell me the dealers in vizag. mail to
    By Karteek on 25 07, 2009please mail me Yo Trust dealers in visakhapatnam to
    By shrikant mulge on 28 01, 2009hi,i want to buy this vehicle can u pls. send the Dealer Details in Pune(Maharashtra).thank u
    By guru baran on 24 01, 2009it is very nice but it is too costly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By ANUPAM GHOSH on 29 05, 2008please mail me the KOLKATA dealer address of yo trust
    By S.Gopalarathnam on 06 05, 2008Please send the details of cost and dealer in chennai.
    By r.Sivakumar on 12 04, 2008whether pedaling can be done with out battey , how easy it will be ,will it be as easy as bicycle
    By r.Sivakumar on 12 04, 2008please give details on dealer at visakhapatnam
    By sumanth on 09 11, 2007hi
    By hemanth on 06 11, 2007please mail me the bangalore dealer address of yo trust


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