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Mar 29, 2017


Your website is very good. It will be useful for all users of e vehicles. I request that your site should enable us to send mail directly to other users, when we click their name. At present they will see our comment only if they are online.

Best regards and keep up the good work.

Jan 22, 2016


BYD Smart Pure Electric Bus trial at Rajkot City, Gujarat. Whoever is interested in having ride on 1st BYD Smart Electric Bus, visit Rajkot. Interested in getting information on BYD Smart Pure Electric City bus contact us through email or visit our web site Or check out latest news on Facebook Electric Bus - Rajkot

Jun 20, 2015

Santosh Kale

I want to buy this product Hercules HiVolt. How can I go ahead to buy it

Apr 14, 2015

suhas satyaprakash

a good site, but i would request if any other dealer or a manufacturer posts a message in any other ev manufacturer, what action is being taken by evfuture team, if evfuture is not able to take any action then what action will be there to be taken? plz answer.

Oct 27, 2014

harshita sharan

i have a complaint about my accura scooty. it is not working as its accelator is not working.. the mechanic says that i need to replace my accelator with a new one.. i searched in all the shops of varanasi for its accelator but was not able to find it. if it is possible than can i get an accelator posted at my home address. i will pay the cost which will be incurred thereon.. please contact me so that i can get my scooty back in running condition

Jan 05, 2014

vijay agarwal

interested in dealership of battery bicycle charge electric contact person mr.vijay from tinsukia assam contact no.09435133615.

Jan 31, 2012

kale satish

Can any help me in finding the dealer for purchase of e-Coupe electric scooter in hyderabad or banglore. mail me the details to

Nov 15, 2011

Navneet Pandit

New Battery Charging Technology for Increased Milage, Longer Battery Life, Quicker Charging Time, and lesser Electricity Cost. Contact : Navneet Mo: 08971222730

Nov 15, 2011

Navneet Pandit

May 10, 2011

Nishit Ahokbhai Mehta

Hi all
we are manufacturers of EV from Ahmedabad/Gujarat if anybody looking for dealership/Trade the EV and for more details contact undersigned

Nishit Mehta

Oct 03, 2010

Dinu Davis


We are organizing an event 'Rally 10/10' as a part of International events, on 10th October 2010 starts at 10:10am.

You can know more about this movement at the web-site :

Rally 10/10 is aimed at spreading awareness among people about the increased CO2 concentration and the ways that we could bring back the present level of 392ppm CO2 to 350ppm, which is considered to be the safe upper limit, suggested by the scientists.

The 'Rally 10/10' invite people with cycles, electric vehicles etc which are free from/emit less carbon dioxide, to ride for 7 hours (Approx 85 Km) to make a closed circuit around Bangalore city.

Bikers from Bangalore Bikers Club already showed their interest and offered their participation for the event.

Also GoGreenGoCycling Club founder and members will also be joining us.

Our event is published at Bangalore City Portal at :

We cordially invite EVFuture Vehicles to be our event partners.

If EVFuture is accepting our offer, we expect company participation with your banners and vehicles for the event. It will be much appreciated if you could help us with providing refreshments and support for the riders. Also inform your clients about the event and invite those ' Eco-lovers' to participate in the event.

We are open to new ideas and suggestion to make Rally10/10 a success.

eagerly waiting for your response,

thanks and regards,

Dinu Davis
mob: 0 9019 838871

Apr 26, 2010

CAL-ON Motors Ltd.,

Hi all
we are manufacturers of EV from Hyderabad if anybody looking for dealership/Purchase the EV and for more details contact undersigned


Feb 01, 2010

india EV

I really think your site name does not do justice to what you are trying to accomplish. What about INDIAev or

Nov 29, 2009


Already designed power pack tester and battery charger tester for different types of electric bikes

Need any type of service please contact?

Also designed micro controller based battery capacity tester. For all types of batteries. As per costumer’s designs
If you need special tools for for mechanical fitment/removing can also designed as per customer "s requirement



Sep 23, 2009




Sep 20, 2009


Hi ....... R U satisfy with MAXI......... go through my post on fourm & comments. Thanks

Manoj Bhargava

Aug 28, 2009


i wants to take dealer ship in kadapa, ANDHRAPRADESH My Phone number is 09701773420. please give me details

Jul 24, 2009

EVFuture Admin

Go the home page and click the login with Gmal, Yahoo, etc under the login button (you have to be logged out for this).

Jul 24, 2009

Shirish Garje

Dear Akash,

Please tell me how to login with Gmail account on evfuture..?

Jul 24, 2009

Shirish Garje

Anyone needs any Spares for E vehicle, feel free to contact me. I am the Authorized Dealer for Yo Bikes in LATUR Maharashtra. As per my knowledge very few components differs modelwise. So if u got any specific spare with their details.. e.g. Battery of 12V 33AH. it would be of same size and same specification for any vehicle.
Contact Details:
Shirish Garje
Garje Agencies
Barshi Road
Latur 413531 M.S.
Ph. 09421872275

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