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Hero Electric Optima

Manufactured by Hero Electric
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Price: Rs. 31,400

Category: Electric Scooter


This electric scooter is imported or manufactured by Hero Electric. This vehicle has a top speed of 25 km/h and an autonomy of approximately 70 km on a single charge .
No registration or license is required to drive this vehicle.
ARAI Certification was attained for this product.
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Range/Autonomy:70 km
Top Speed:25 km/h
Weight:65 kg, max load 90kg
Motor:Rear wheel hub motor
Batteries:Sealed Lead Acid, 48V 20AH
Wheels:16" x 3", alloy wheel

This product is no longer in production or we have no response from the manufacturer so no contact details are available.

User Comments

Comment posting for this product has been disabled since the product is no longer manufactured.
By Nithin Haridas.v on 30 09, 2011its good and stylish with the alloys
By e-bike,HIPOWER on 30 09, 2011HIPOWER is the electric bicycle+scooter factory from China. Looking for buyers.,HIPOWER New Energy Group Co., Ltd
By dhandapani on 25 08, 2011I bought a Hero Optima Plus and it is worth the money I paid for it. It cost only 29800 in my place and the ride is quite comfortable. For those who do not like speed it is an ideal vehicle. Parts are plastic , ok but we pay more for the same plastics in conventional (petrol) bikes.
By vetryvel on 25 04, 2011pls tell me how to get the vechile on road(optima)
By J.P.Sharma on 08 10, 2010I have procured this for my daughter 15 months back. But the vehicle got repeted breakdown failure of main controller which cost around 2200/ . I m not satisfied with the vehicle. I was thinking to purchse to save petrol. but it is.....................
By parth batheja on 24 09, 2010if any one wants to purchase second hand HERO OPTIMA (not in working condition ,maintenance required) than pls contact me at 9810372682
By Nancy Xia on 07 08, 2010this is Nancy from China,my company specialize in electric bike/tricycle/scooter/motorcycle.
By parth batheja on 15 07, 2010if any body wants to know abt the performance of the product that he/she welcomes to do that on my cell-9810372682
really if you call me before purchasing this electric vehicle than would be definitely get good advice
By Kovilpatti.S.Ramaswami on 14 05, 2010Unless Electric energy storage unit
is cost effective and longer life with less weight, Electric Vehicle can not attract actual users.

Price may be comparise with durabilty and longer life span for recharagable power unit.
By priyank ajmera on 25 12, 2009this vehicle is technically or electrically excellent but its body and physically very poor or bad. mind it!!!!!!
By vipul on 11 12, 2009Hi
i m looking for a Hero e scooter , seraching fior any dealer in Noida, can any one help me and provide any dealer information or contact number.

Thanks in advance
By Victor Pete on 23 11, 2009I own a Hero Optima EV. In one year, I have had to spend Rs 2,500 on spares, as most of the body is made up of plastics. Anyway, the big trouble is obtaining spares. My experience with the Hero Electric dealer is not satisfactory.
By ram babu goyal on 19 11, 2009plz let me know the price of this.......
By Ecorider (Tushar) on 19 10, 2009Hi,
Contact me for a demo of an ebike
Call: 9321123999 / 9867761716
By KANNAN.J on 15 10, 2009The look is good...
By arjun on 30 09, 2009I am daily travailling around 70 kelometer/ day it means going 35 kms returned 35very convenient for me compared to petrol vechile. when I bought it is going 25kms/hour after first service its going 32kms/hour. Thanks to Hero electric company. for this reason my father also bought Hero wave electric vechile....... so we have two electric vechiles.
By Edwin on 01 03, 2009Any information you need about ebike importing, problem solve, new ebike product, etc, please connect with me.
By Sibi Joseph on 01 03, 2009
Forgot to add some more points

The Hero optima plus easily reached 30km/hr (sorry tested with only 1 person) while the ultima marathon barely reached 20).

On the charging cost side the ultra marathon takes only 1.1 units while the hero optima takes 1.3 (here again said by dealer).

Hero also has a better body paint and range of colours to choose from compared to ultra marathon.

The quality of plastic in both hero optima plus and the ultra marathon was not upto standard. Here both definitely have to improve.

For dealer in kochi, kerala, go to M and M motors in kaloor kadavantra road ( on kaloor side - some 50 mtrs away from railway overbridge). (Ph 9605000660)

Ultra motors dealer is at HKA Agencies, Palarivattom , near near church at janatha bus stop . ( ph 9846024365 - Aneesh, 9995801801,9995801802 )

By Sibi Joseph on 01 03, 2009For manufacturer site check Hero is bad with their google ratings and what i see from their site , updating dealer lists )

Its interesting to note that hero had a tie up with ultra motors of UK beginning Jan 2008 for making of electric scooters and the Ultra marathon and the Hero optima plus nearly looks the same.

I had a test drive of both the Hero Optima Plus and the the ultra motors marathon model and would like to share some of my findings.

Ultra marathon seems to have a jerky handle while the ride in hero is smoother. May be due to hero's experience with making honda bikes.

The seats of marathon also seemed less comfortable. Ultra motors claim to have a mileage of 100 km while the optima plus 70 km but unfortunately din't have the time to check both the claims so for time being let me believe that.

While breaking Marathon also seemed to create a nose from the motor. ( No i its not break lining noise :-) )

I also got a chance to try out the hero optima plus carrying 2 persons ( myself about 62kg and my friend 70 kg) on about 15-17 degree slope (For people in ,kochi kerala,India, its the railway overbridge in kaloor-kadavanthra road). dint have much of a problem. We even tried a dead stop half way u the slope and tried pulling up. Went ok and reached 20km/hr speed on the incline ( but note that the batteries were fully charged. Definitely performance should go down with a less charged battery).

Unfortunately i could not tryout Marathon on a slope as there was no bridges/ hills near the dealership

On the engine side -- sorry on the motor side, ultra motors seems to have a better technology as they are able to push the mileage to 100km with the same 48 v batteries that both ultra marathon and hero optima plus uses). As per the dealer the motor in Hero optima plus is made by Crompton Greaves Ltd.

On the whole i liked the Hero optima plus model more than the ultra marathon
By ruchi.rachna on 11 02, 2009dealor contact no.
By packirisamygopal on 17 01, 2009vehicle speed low but cost very high to compare petrol vehicle


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